How to Keep the Money You Work For:

Fire your boss and become self employed, an Entrepreneur.  That way every dollar you earn is yours [after taxes of course.]

Being self employed has the perks of having business deductions: office space and utilities, supplies [paper, printer ink etc], equipment [computer, desk, chair], mileage, seminars, training, business tools to name a few.

What idea do you have?  Is it for a product or a service or a combination?  Make sure it is in line with your passion.  Your passion for success is NOT to make lots of money.  Your passion must be related to the mission or the specific product, making money is the by-product. .

  • Do you want to make the best, most efficient whatsit?
  • Do you want to offer the customer the best ‘name type of service’ available?

Safeguard your own assets by registering as an LLC.  If there are lawsuit or financial issues for your business keep the problems there and not let them invade your personal space.  See my previous blog on this topic.

As many small businesses fail within the first 5 years, make sure you have done your homework, and have a solid business plan.  Make sure you have studied advertising, marketing specific for your business.

  • Google for internet sites for businesses similar to yours and see how they are presenting themselves.
  • Then focus your advertising on how your business is different, stands out from the others.  Market your strong points.
  • Keep all advertising focused on your target market – a focused marketing program is more likely to get you known for your specialty.

Get a mentor.  Even if you are a brick & mortar business you can have a mentor.  You just have to be creative.

  • Don’t go to an Italian Restaurant down the street and ask for any mentoring when you own an Italian Restaurant!
  • Instead look for yellow pages online in a distant city for an Italian Restaurant, review their online advertising and talk to them.
  • If they don’t want to help, just keep looking and studying advertising of others.
  • The non-local business that is related to you will not be as likely to view you as a threat and may be willing to offer guidance.

Get a mentor.  For online businesses whether it is direct marketing, MLM or a web storefront you can find a mentor.

  • Just check into their experience and success.
  • Don’t fall for the “I can tech you how to make $50,000 in 90 days.” type folks.  Those are the get rich quick type that are usually scams.
  • Look for mentors that have a success record in their field.
  • See if the mentors are recommending sequential and clear teaching modules.
  • Does the mentor offer webinars as well as one on one coaching?

Online marketing has advantages to consider.  Lower overhead – no store front.  If you are marketing something that another company actually manufactures you can avoid inventory by being a drop shipper.  Marketing products online that are available online and do not have to be shipped cuts your overhead way down.  You would just need your laptop and space to sit as far as physical space requirements.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!  If there is a good system or training program available use it, don’t reinvent it.  You might decide to up grade an existing system though – just make sure you are not doing infringing on a copy-write.  There have been folks that have gotten involved with affiliate marketing of a product to learn how to market well then move on to marketing their own product.

Training, education, research and mentoring are the points to consider carefully in starting your business – the one you want to make money with.

How To Combat “Overwhelm”

Overwhelm: Webster’s New World definition #1: to pour down upon and cover or bury beneath or #2: to make helpless as with greater force or deep emotion; overcome; crush; overpower.  So how to avoid it or combat it.

Too many things piling up on a person will make them feel overwhelmed.  What helps it to have a way to sort and categorize or prioritize the “stuff” that is piling up and threatening to bury us.  That is why libraries have a card catalogue number or a library of congress number – to sort out books so that they are arranged in a way to make sense.

When in business or embarking on learning anything new we want and need as much information as possible.  But, we don’t necessarily want it all at once.  We can absorb and act on massive amounts of information and training if it is sorted out and arranged in a sequential manner.

Having a good curriculum of prioritized information by category is helpful in any training, but that alone is not enough.  You need a guide.  In business and education this guide is called a Mentor.

A good mentor is there to help you sort out the information for you to learn, to help clarify the information and to help you learn to apply the information in the real world.  The good mentor will also challenge you to progress and hold you accountable to getting done what you say you will do.  The mentor opens the door on clarifying knowledge and training for you in your real world.

Regardless of the training platform, the good mentor is so important in the online business world.  In this online working world it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from human assistance.

Don’t be overwhelmed – fix it! The best online business has good and easy to understand sequential training modules.   And, it has an excellent mentoring program that is easy to access.  This is your path to success.

For more information register for a free webinar.

Why YOU Need a Mentor.

You have heard the old sayings: “If all else fails, follow the directions.” and “There’s no substitute for experience.”  Both are sort of true, but each alone is not enough..

Without the directions you are wallowing and guessing about how something is done.  To learn a new skill like marketing or being an entrepreneur you need real good step by step clear directions [written, videos, webinars].  If they are sequential and clear you can get a good start at your learning.

If there is no substitute for experience, how do you get it?  By doing something by trial and error is the real long and hard way.  The “school of hard knocks” can work after a lot of time and hurt, perhaps wasted money and needless hardships.

A Mentor is the person with lots of successful experience who:  Takes you in hand to help you see how the book learning education really works and how to apply it.  A good mentor will hold you accountable for what you say you will do and be available for one on one meetings on a regular basis.  A good mentor will redirect you, clarify confusion and challenge you to grow.

My Story:

  • I remember when I was starting school to become a therapist.  My first husband was disabled and I “learned” a bunch of tricks and skills along the way from professionals and “common sense”.  This experience gave me the desire to train as a therapist to fulfill my passion of wanting to help people after he had died.
  • Going to school [following the directions] was the legal way to go to attain my goal.  I attended the University of Pittsburgh for Occupational Therapy.  The classes were informative as were the application lab time.
  • My classmates and I thought we knew a lot and were ready to go out and “fix” the world.
  • Then came the shock:  The last 6 months of our education was internships in two types of facilities.  We were to work “as if” we were therapists, but under the immediate guidance of an experienced therapist.  I quickly learned that there is “book learning” then there is the real world of the therapy clinic.”  The mentorship of the intern process was invaluable.

When I decided to have a supplemental position and I explored online marketing as an option.  I was looking for a training program that was sequential, geared for a dedicated learner, with a real person who I could talk with who could explain how things really worked in the real online world.

I tried many things and lost lots of time and money until I found the company that I am now affiliated with.  Good sequential online education, “how to webinars” and most of all an excellent Marketing Mentor who is accessible and challenging.

Justin Woolf is my Marketing Mentor and he is patient, but challenging and I am growing in understanding and skills by leaps and bounds.  I believe I have crammed about 8 years of  “the school of hard knocks” and “study time” into a few fun filled months.

Register Here for a Free Webinar about the difference a good mentor makes! 

Remember –  Success Requires No Explanations, Failure Permits No Alibis, Napoleon Hill


Viral Videos that Work for Small Online Businesses.

You have a small business or an online based business and are looking for some ways to get your name “Out There” and spread the word.  Viral Videos may be a good idea.

Videos that are 2-3 minutes long that are full of helpful content [information] that spread by getting shared with others are viral videos.  These videos get your name & face out in front of folks, they get to know you and trust your opinion if your information is good.

The video should be part of a series of educational materials about a general topic.  In my case I would be doing them about entrepreneur related topics.  If you are a baker you could do a series of videos related to baked goods.  For example one could be: How to tell if the loaf of bread or rolls is fresh without tasting.

The educational information should solve a reader’s problem.  There should be NO Sales Pitches in the video or it will not go viral and may even get banned for not being “family friendly” from many sites and from social media.

To get ideas and some research for your video you can do key word searches for trends or buzz words related to your business.  Then develop a catchy title that incorporates the key word or buzz word in it.  Then get into working with your script and visuals.

Early in the video you should be on camera talking about the topic then you can switch to slides and story boards to get the point across in bullet points with your voice explaining it.  Some topics lend themselves to actual filming of the issue with your voice discussing the related information, or interviewing an expert in the field.

You can increase the odds of your video going viral through syndication in your specific product niche. 

  • There is a cost to this based on pay for performance or impressions model.  Pay for impressions means you pay a specific fee every-time the page your video is listed on is clicked on regardless if it is played.  The pay for performance is related to payment for prime advertising spots not just banner ads for your whole video.  This may be pricey for some small businesses, but once it’s “Out There” it will get seen many times.
  • There is a free way to do this also.  If you find someone that has a blog or website on a related product but not in competition with your product you can swap video space on each other’s blogs or web sites.  That way folks that find your friend’s site will see your video.  Folks that find your site and see his video will appreciate the good related content you are offering also.
  • Also free: You can post your video links on your own site or on your social media sites also.

People see videos and articles that they like or find value in and are delighted to share the information with friends. The thing to remember the focus is on content and NOT on a Sales Pitch.  Friends will not share sales pitches with friends as quickly as good information.  So go out and share information.

Time Management Issues for Working Online – How to Prioritize.

“To do list” too long and not        enough time?

Where is the blame?  Too long a list or something else? Perhaps prioritizing the list is the answer and time management for working online from home is the key.    But to prioritize you must look at the items on the list with an analytical eye. “What activity will build the business and when should this activity be performed?” are the two major criteria to manage your time.

Time wasters:

  • Unlimited time on forums – forums and your input can get your brand out there, but spending hours reading everything on a forum is a time waster.
  • Facebook time: Posting to your business list about events, hints is a promotion of business, but spending hours checking our all your buddies posts is a time waster.
  • Email time: Keeping a business email address separate from your personal email will help you prioritize your time.  Business first and personal later on your list.

Good stuff [in no particular order]:

  • For an online business: personal contact with leads and applicants and those you are mentoring.
  • Attending webinars, live seminars.
  • Following the steps to your business growth plan – be accountable.
  • Writing/posting advertisements
  • Research sites to post banners.
  • Researching/Writing Blogs & Articles
  • Creating videos recording how to webinars.
  • Taking care of yourself – motivation activities [meditation, jogging, going to the gym for a quick morning workout are examples of productive self care.]

                         So the good and profitable is stuff identified – now what?Step One for time management for working online at home:  Prioritize by time of day as well as by the building potential.

  • Daylight and early evening hours the priority should be on phone contact with people who have applied to your business, people you are training/mentoring in your business.
  • Very early morning and late night or when you don’t have anyone to actually speak with should be focused on business building activities.
  • Working with your training program and attending your company webinars and live events will help you grow more quickly.
  • The business building activities of writing/posting advertisements, or researching and posting banners are good activities to help build sales.
  • Blogging and article research and writing as well as video/webinar creation are other worthwhile activities to increase your name recognition that should be done during the times when live calls for personal contact is not appropriate..

Step Two for time management for working online at home:  Prioritize by what will grow your business best and give yourself realistic time limits.

  • I only spend 30-45 minutes maximum on the “time wasting potential activities” at the END of my day.
  • The work time, [usually 6-7 hours a day] I have available is prioritized: talking to customers, trainees is first.
  • I rotate the other activities throughout the week.  You can’t go to a seminar or attend a webinar when none are scheduled.  But, you can follow your training schedule with your mentor at any time.
  • All research and writing activities should be done when there is no potential of live interaction.
  • The personal email and personal Social Media is last.

Make your plan, prioritize ruthlessly and you may even have some time left over. 

Why does it always happen to me??

Ever said that?  I am sure it has as we all have that feeling when under stress.  But what caused the situation?  You might think it’s my boss, my spouse, where I live,  or this and that external force.

But, the root of the cause is most likely an internal one.

What?  Am I really bringing this on myself?  Maybe….  We set ourselves up for many things with our “autopilot” our rote behaviors that are so ingrained that we are not conscious of them.  Some autopilots are not harmful, but others are repeated destructive patterns that are devastating to us.  The more these behavior patterns are repeated the more ingrained and automatic they become.

So what do I do now?  Recognize them and make changes!  But, it’s not that easy to find something that is imbedded in the unconscious.  If there are certain areas of your life e.g. relationships [friends and romantic ones], jobs, health, finances that always seem to be loaded with problems or disappointments – look deeper.  Check out your beliefs regarding that area.

Thoughts are the foundation of beliefs.  When we focus on a thought or accept a belief as true we are attracting that reality to us.  So if you feel unworthy of a romantic relationship, you will attract unsuitable dates.  If you feel that it is always hard to be financially secure you will always struggle with money.  If you feel it is soooo hard to find a real “good job”, guess what you will not find a “good job”.

Most times we base our thoughts and beliefs on external or materialistic wants.  When we look inside and focus on our feelings.  When in search of a good job to make us happy or fulfilled it is likely we will drift from job to job feeling more unhappy with each job change.

I was like this as a therapist.  At first I enjoyed my job as a neurological rehab specialist, then things changed.

    • What changed was my attitude as well as my inability to “go with the flow” with the health care regulation changes.
    • Sitting down with myself and listing what had been good about the work, I discovered that it was fulfillment of my desire to help and make a difference.
    • When employers or regulations became focused on financial efficiency of work force not helping rehabilitate patients, I became dissatisfied.
    • When I was told that I had to provide services to Mr X who did not want services, but had good insurance. And, was told I could not provide anything but basic services to Mr Y because he was on Medicaid. Even though Mr Y was motivated and could benefit from rehab – I was really frustrated.
    • I blamed this on the job.
    • I did not realize that I was not listening to my internal feeling and need to be of service to make a difference.  Hmmmm…

Through this I discovered that I was causing my own destruction, by not being able to listen and go with my internal needs.  I had been looking to my employer to meet the internal needs rather than to my feelings.  I had been thinking with my head and not feeling with my heart.

There are many ways to be of service and to help and to make a difference.  I know, I have looked into a lot, with my thinking head.  Then I “wised up” and let my feeling heart into the search.  I discovered that the head said healthcare was the way to go and my heart said helping is not limited to healthcare!

I am now joyfully working in a career that allows me to help people who want to grow and I believe that I am able to make a difference one person at a time. Yipeee..

What areas of your life are problems to you?  Maybe your soul is trying to let you know you are out of touch with your inner gifts and desires.  Pay attention to these messages and look inside to see.  “Wise Up” and let your feeling heart into the search for the “why does this always happen to me?”  Remember all of us come into our lives with gifts, skills and a purpose to share with the world.  Look with your feeling heart and act on it.